Thursday, January 29, 2009


Howdy! We went to the doctor this morning. I'll try to explain what he said...

When we went on Tuesday, the spots were just red whelp looking spots. Since she was on penicillin, he concluded an allergy to penicillin.

Since then, she's gotten more spots, and these new spots are called target lesions. They are red around the outside with a lighter color in the middle. Those can be from an allergic reaction to penicillin, but it is rare. The thought now is that it may be a viral infection that is causing the spots. We're hoping they have "peaked" and will start decreasing and/or improving. We're to call him back on Saturday and go from there. If they've started clearing, we'll know we're over the hump. If they are the same or worse we may consider treating her with steroids. He just didn't want to jump to that option first. I appreciate that!

She also has a respiratory infection (way to go, Dr. Mom!), a double eye infection, and her ear "doesn't look good." So we've got a non-penicillin based antibiotic and eye drops. Mommie has a sinus infection (lovely!) and some antibiotics to take as well.

The wee one is going down for her nap, and I'll be following her shortly. R's mom is coming over to play with C this afternoon so I can rest, and my mom will be here this evening to stay the night. We're so blessed to have family so close by.

Thanks for the prayers for my little speckled girl!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seeing is believing...

The picture I posted on Monday of the red spots on C's neck PALE in comparison to how she looks now! Bless her little heart! Y'all pray for her! Pray that she can sleep good, that she'll feel much better in the morning, and that the doctor will know how to treat her!

This is the worst looking picture. You can see her sad, sleepy eyes, lots of the spots, and the snot that WILL NOT stop coming out of her nose!

R stayed home with her today. We didn't feel good sending her to Nana's and I had a presentation. She had more spots when she woke up this morning, her left eye was crusted over, and her nose was caked with dried snot. The doctor told R that it would take 3-4 days for the penicillin to work out of her system and not to worry unless her fever went above 100.4. Lo and behold, it got up to 101.4 this afternoon. R called the doctor and he was already gone. The NP said to give her Motrin and we're going back to the doctor at 9 in the morning.
Dr. Mom's guess is that the amoxicillin that we took all last week to clear up the ear infection didn't do anything to cure the infection because it was fighting with her body. What was once an ear infection has now turned into a full-blown upper respiratory infection. I'll let you know if I'm right. Even though she doesn't feel good, she's still been relatively happy. She's completely fascinated with throwing random items in the trash can, so that is how she's keeping herself entertained!
On a MUCH less severe level, I have been feeling bad. Sneezing, sinus drainage, sore throat, and just run-down. I'll be mentioning that to the doctor tomorrow too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seeing spots!

So on Sunday evening, C had about 15 "bite" looking red spots on her upper thighs, arms and armpits. We assumed she had gotten into chiggers or something somehow. That is what they looked like. We doctored with hydro cortisone.

By yesterday afternoon she had about 50 including those pictured above on her neck. BTW, she does have a strawberry birthmark on her upper neck right where her hair starts. The "bites" are really those on her neck. She has them on her arms, upper legs, face,lower abdomen, knees and armpits.

She woke up this morning with her right eye crusted shut and green snot pouring from her nose. She's never run a fever. She's been on antibiotics because of an ear infection a week ago. The last time she ran fever was not this past Saturday but the one before. We assumed that was a result of her ear infection.

This is a huge mystery to us. We've scoured the internet and looked at tons of pictures. Chicken pox or measles would cause a fever and cause her to act like she's feeling bad. (Currently she's getting into as much mischief as possible!) We're going to the doctor at 10:15. Hopefully he'll have an answer for us! I will update when we get home from the doctor!

Based on several factors including no fever, size and shape of the whelps, and the fact that she's on antibiotics it was determined that she is allergic to penicillin (which is what she's been taking). We're to stay off the penicillin for the next 24 hours and then call him back. I just gave her some Benadryl in hopes that it will cause the whelps to subside. This is MUCH better news than I was expecting. It's about to be off to nap-land for Miss Priss!

Monday, January 26, 2009


...have we been and what have we been up to?

January has FLOWN by, and it has been so full and so fun. C continues to amaze us with all of her tricks! She has started saying "Happy Day" regularly because her Nana has been singing the song "Oh Happy Day"! Makes us smile!
Here we are at the park on Mommie's first 80% Friday. We played on the slide and the swings and even took a wagon ride. R met us there after work and we all enjoyed some fun activity! I think she looks so old in this picture!
We celebrated 3 birthdays this month, so this picture is C dressed and ready to go shopping for birthday presents at the mall. Notice her black "Chuck Taylor's." You can't tell from the picture, but she was dancing!
We got to take a long weekend and go visit my family up in DFW. C was fascinated by the piano. This is a priceless picture of C, Goldie the Schnoodle, and my grandaddy!
C LOVES facing the front in the car! She conked out with "Big Burt" recently while still keeping a grasp on her snack trap! This girl has priorities! I wish someone would drive me around so I could sleep in the back seat of the car! Any takers?
And this is just funny to us! We went to Texas Roadhouse the other night, and C guzzled her juice. She kept saying "mah mah" (more more) and we didn't have any more. So our waiter went to the bar tender and got C her first mixed drink! 1/3 orange juice and 2/3 water! He he! She feels like such a big girl drinking from a straw!
February looks a lot less chaotic--thank goodness! I'll try to update and post more. Everyone have a fantastic week!